Product features

A10CycloneSA A10サイクロンSA


Connect the main unit to your computer wirelessly and enjoy it moving along with your favorite videos. Also as we are using the latest wireless communication module it works with all kind of devices.

Use the CSV file and easily make your own movement programs,
which you even can share and exchange with your friends.
As it works with all kind of formats the possibilities are limitless.

For both super slow and super high speed the stimulation of the high torque motor is amazing. Combine the 7 different speeds and 7 different patterns for everlasting fun.

A high functional motor and a super silent structure ? it has never been this quiet before. Feel free to use at home when your family is sleeping without any worries of waking anyone up.


A thick elastic material and a fine inner structure.
Expand the possibilities with this fulfilling lineup of exclusive inner sleeves.

The A10 Cyclone SA’s exclusive inner sleeves are all made out of high quality material that feels just like real skin. Enjoy the various distinctive types offering various types of stimulation and experiences.

+ Details

A10 Cyclone Sa exclusive inner sleeves features and usage

This is how the sleeve looks: fleshy thick material, tight and has a perfect soft touch.

Usage is simple, just remove the inner case from the main unit and firmly set it with the 6 pins.

Insert the inner case into the main unit, make sure that it is firmly set, add the top cap and that is it ? ready to use.

Easy and fast to set up when you want to use.
Easy maintenance, easy to keep clean.

To set and remove the sleeves is easy and takes no time.
Thanks to the parts being few maintenance is easy, and to keep it clean is even easier.
Everything except the main unit is water-washable.

+ close

MASTER A natural standard strong stimulation type. INFINITY Explore a new world with this plain yet unusual sleeve. VORTEX This complex non-dimensional pleasure will blow you away.
W-FLAP Get ready for a non-predictable, irregular and simply crazy trip. SPIRAL A deep spiral structure that fits perfectly for heavy rotation action. CLYSTAL Are you ready? Unlimited ribs and ultimate stimulation.
SHAPE The wavy & squeezing structure shifts the sensation by clinging. MEDUSA A lot of tentacles cling to you intricately. GLANS The deeper you go, the more the wavy squeezing clings and tightens you.
DOUBLE Two holes with different sensations by bumpy & ribbed texture in onesleeve.

VORZE Smooth Lotion

The exclusive VORZE lubricant has superior lubricity and even contains polyacrylic acid which enhances the experience even further. It fits perfect with friction based-masturbators and opens up for long play sessions. (Volume: 145ml)


*VORZE Player is currently only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

*Control SA products with your smartphone with “Vorze Controller”, which is downloadable fromGoogle playSystem Requirements: Android 4.3 or newer / Bluetooth 4.0

Frequently asked questions

It arrived but it won’t turn on.
For first time use make sure that is properly charged.
Can I use it abroad?
The charging adapter is up to 100-240V so you can use it abroad.
The video player won’t install.
The player for this product only works with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. For more details please read the “Please read this first” PDF-file.
The main unit doesn’t move together with the videos.
There might be a problem with your program. For more details please read the “Please read this first” PDF-file.
Can I use it while charging?
It is possible but please avoid it as much as possible as it can lead to it breaking.
The connection to my computer disconnected
Make sure there is nothing blocking between the wireless adapter and the main unit, also make sure you are not too far away from the wireless adapter (within 1 meter is recommended).
The videos won’t play
This player is only compatible with only use mp4, WMV, AVI and MOV files. Other file types will not work.

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